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Young Toddler Curriculum

  • Frog Street Press-  This program is a "Sing and Read" curriculum that captivates young children by introducing them to concepts and ideas in colorful, engaging characters.  They will begin to learn nursery rhymes and be introduced to colors and letters.

  • Music and Movement-  Exposure to many types of music and movement activities.  Singing, dancing and exercise daily.

  • Art-  Coloring, play dough and painting.

  • Positive Behaviors-  Children will begin to share and take turns.  We will assist them in learning to control aggressive behaviors.

  • Playtime-  Children learn through play.  Children will use building with blocks, climbing, steps, begin sorting and classifying objects daily, which will help develop skills needed to grow.

  • Comfort-  Each child is comforted as needed.

  • Story Time-  Each day the children will spend time reading with their teachers either as a group or individually.

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