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Older Toddler Curriculum

  • Frog Street Press-  This program is a "Sing and Read" curriculum that captivates young children by introducing concepts and ideas in colorful, engaging characters.  Your child will learn numbers, letters, colors, shapes and nursery rhymes that will prepare them for preschool.

  • Self-Care Skills/Life Skills-  Toilet training, hand washing, self-dressing (shoes, jackets, sweaters) and meal habits such as using tableware, manners, asking for help and being considerate and compassionate to the needs of others. Friendship and citizenship skills.

  • Positive Behaviors-  Manners, sharing, taking turns and avoiding aggressive behaviors.

  • Communication Skills-  Using words instead of body language and sounds.

  • Music and movement-  Singing, dancing and exercise daily.

  • Art-  Coloring, finger painting, collage materials, stamps and markers.

  • Outdoor Play-  As weather permits toddlers will play and socialize in outdoor play area.

  • Veggie Tales and Mary J. Davis lessons on prayers of commitment, praise, care, and thanks.


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