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Infant Curriculum

  • Frog Street Press - Exposure to nursery rhymes, stories, letters, colors and numbers.

  • Tummy Time-  Daily "tummy time" for each infant.  During this activity, you child will be exposed to toys, rattles, mirrors and teachers.

  • Music & Movement-  Exposure to many types of music and movement activities.  Leg and arm exercises will help develop muscles used in both sitting and standing.

  • Playtime-  Children learn through play.  Your child will participate with toys, swings, bouncers and excersaucers.

  • Outdoor Activities-  Weather permitting your child will be taken to our infant porch for playtime.

  • Feeding-  This is special time for infants.  Your child will be held and cuddled for this event.  Our staff will work with your family adding new food items to your child's diet as directed by you.  All feeding information will be recorded for your information.

  • Sleep-  Nap schedules are dictated by parent preference.  All nap times will be recorded for your information.  Our private infant building allows nap time to be a wonderfully peaceful event.

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